Ethereum users

There has been a tweet doing the rounds by a chap called Adam Cochran @adamScochran which starts off:

“You may have heard a crazy claim that “no one really builds on Ethereum” and that “all the products being built on Ethereum are paid for by the Ethereum Foundation or ConSensys”

It goes on to list them:

Ubisoft,Amazon,American Express,Uber,BBVA USA,Oracle,Tencent Global,MetLife,Ford, Intesa Sao Paolo,Bank of Montreal,Ontario Teachers Pension Fund. Goldman Sachs

And another 346 corporations large and small who have paid for their own Ethereum blockchain set up.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ethereum tokens and their smart contracts are leading the world in terms of usage, and we at Scotcoin will be joining them soon.

See amazing series of tweets here:

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