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We have been engaging with Crypto Lioness for some time. She is an amazing woman who has overcome disability and anguish to carve herself a life full of meaning and success.

She has embraced digital and crypto currencies and her blog ( tells of her adventures in crypto land. The whole blog is worth a read , but she has just published

The Scotcoin Project CIC or Who wants to be a Scotcoin Millionaire? I do!

We applaud her efforts and support for us and wish her and her family all the very best.

As part of our casting call for “ Firsts”, the Purple Lioness has written the following which captures what we are looking for from this initiative. Please read it.


My first Christmas in a hotel …..

When I was about 10 years old my parents took us to a big field beside some trees in a pretty part of Windsor and turning round in the car to face us they told us they were getting a divorce. It was no news to my older sister who was quite the eavesdropper but it was a shock to my younger brother and I. We naturally felt anxious and unsure.

Up till that point Christmas was spent at home with our wee green plastic tree bedecked with stringy tinsel, fragile baubles and tiny lights along green bendy wires, pretty multi coloured shiny decorations crisscrossing the ceiling, shiny foil lanterns hung down at their centre.

That first year when it was our first Christmas apart we did everything differently.

Our parents had joint custody so we were with Mum for Christmas Eve and Day then we went to Dad’s on Boxing Day for another Christmas Day which became our new normal.

That first Christmas however, we were told we were going to a hotel. Excitement! We were a little apprehensive too as we had never been to a hotel before. So on Christmas Eve we got dressed up in our new Christmas clothes – my sister and I had burgundy velvet dresses and our brother had a wee suit with a burgundy cummerbund and velvet bow tie. 

My Mum had booked a Christmas package so we were staying Christmas Eve and Day at the hotel. Then she would drop us off at our Dad’s on Boxing Day and return to the hotel herself. We were so excited..

In the great hall of the hotel we stood staring at the huge natural Christmas tree flawlessly decorated  and lit by hundreds of small white lights and a piper in traditional Scottish dress played people into the dining area. Excited wasn’t the word!

We sat at the big dining table, legs dangling in shiny Christmas tights staring in amazement at all that was going on around us. On the table was a white linen cloth with a festive Christmas runner along it, candles, silverware and as much holly as you could want.

There were crackers next to our plates with hats, jokes and a much less junky than normal present inside. Also on there were crystal dishes containing bright coloured cotton balls (not sure what they were for) wee individual curls of butter sat on ice cubes and ready-made cigarettes in all manner of colours! It was all utterly exciting!

We posed with the cigarettes pretending to smoke them while Mum actually did smoke them. We ate traditional Christmas Fayre including alcohol laced Christmas pudding which was brought flaming to the table in front of our goggling eyes!  Being children we of course had room for knickerbocker glory and that along with fizzy drinks topped up our sugar quota for the day.

Food and drink consumed, crackers pulled, jokes cracked and hats put on it was time for mischief! Being the horrid children we were we looked around for opportunity and spotting the coloured cotton balls, we dipped them in the dish of melting ice cubes and proceeded to try to throw them up the kilts of the piper band entertaining the dining room that evening. It was all magical, exciting, new and wonderful.

It was a bit like the first time I was talked through the process of setting up a crypto wallet. I was apprehensive as I had heard stories of the wrong button being pressed and everything disappearing, but I was excited too. A new experience!

Of course, once it’s done you feel relief but triumph too. A great feeling of success and achievement!

Crypto Lioness

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