What is ScotCoin?

Scotcoin is Scotland’s secure, online, digital currency. It’s Peer to peer, always available providing users with low to no fees and of course, complete anonymity.

Part of:
Fintech Scotland
Peer to Peer

Payments go directly to the individual or business, removing the need for a bank or building society.

Always Available

Banks close at the end of the day and digital banking payments can be delayed. The Scotcoin network runs all day every day so your transactions are completed almost immediately.

Low to No Fees

Transaction fees are incredibly low compared to traditional online payments methods including Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfers or Credit and Debit Card charges


Using Scotcoin is more like using cash than a bank account. There are no account numbers and you don’t have to share your information with a bank or building society.

The Scotcoin Project

The Scotcoin Project promotes Scotcoin and helps to implement it’s use.

  • Distribute Scotcoin to the people of Scotland.
  • Inform Scotland’s people about their new digital currency.
  • Educate the public, businesses and agencies about Scotcoin, crypto-currency and blockchain technologies.
  • Ensure Scotcoin is widely accepted in all areas of commerce and society in Scotland.
  • Incentivise and stimulate local trading initiatives.
  • Keep wealth locally and grow the Scottish economy.
  • Provide technical support for users and merchants.
  • Lead marketing initiatives for businesses who accept Scotcoin.
  • Build a network of businesses who will trade amongst themselves in Scotcoin.
  • Encourage and support local business startups.
  • Advocate for social enterprise and environmental causes.
  • Support local social, feeding, housing and caring initiatives.
  • Lead and encourage debate on building a stronger, cohesive and more equitable economy in Scotland.
  • Champion personal privacy and strong encryption.
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The Scotcoin Project will achieve these objectives through educational and promotional initiatives throughout Scotland and beyond.

Everyone attending a presentation by the Scotcoin Project will be shown how to get started with Scotcoin.

The Scotcoin project is a not for profit organisation. We raise funds through sponsorship and merchandise sales.

The Principle Objectives For Scotcoin

We’ve been working away in the background on plans for Scotcoin – as ever, we want your opinions and input into where we are going…

One of the main influencers on our direction has been our underlying belief that governments are going to insist upon digital currencies being regulated. HMRC released their approach to digital currencies in March 2014, and China followed suit recently insisting that digital currencies would require identity verification.

We want to make using Scotcoin as easy as using cash, to get it accepted in more places with a hassle free way of paying and receiving Scotcoin via individuals and businesses. And we want to continue to be at the forefront of this new digital technology, keeping it secure and safe to use.

The principle objectives for Scotcoin are to:

  • Migrate to its own private blockchain where all participants are identified and regulated.
  • Achieve conversion directly from fiat to Scotcoin without involvement of any intermediate currencies.
  • Establish an efficient secondary market for trading in Scotcoin.
  • Implement the business plan to increase circulation of Scotcoin to as many individuals and businesses as possible in Scotland.
  • Implement the business plan to increase the number of outlets willing to accept Scotcoin in exchange for goods and services provided.
  • We are working with Strathclyde University to help them establish a cryptocurrency for its learning modules. Their intention is to use this to conduct financial research into the behavioural aspects of virtual currency usage.
  • We will be assembling a high powered advisory body to help with these aims.

Advisory Board

Scotcoin has been working hard to bring together its advisory board and is delighted to announce that it now boasts an impressive collection of individuals who collectively have over 100 years experience in blockchain, finance, sustainability, cryptocurrency, HR and senior management – this team will provide invaluable insight, guidance and stewardship to the development of the project going forwards.

David Low

David is a Scottish based businessman. He is Chairman of Lowdit Partners, a family investment office with interests in sports and leisure, blockchain and digital currency technologies and asset trading platforms. He has been a digital currency investor for over five years and in 2016 acquired a substantial holding in Scotcoin. He is also an active investor in the social and ethical spaces.

Edward Crozier

Edward specalises in corporate governance, reputation management, devising structured products and capital raising for various commercial sectors. He is a former Director of Culture and Sports Glasgow - now Glasgow Life - and Scottish Opera, a judge in the National Scottish Business Awards, Chairman of Dance Base Scotland, on the board of the Theatre Royal, Glasgow. a Non Executive Director of award winning Fintech company Castlight Financial and past president of the Scottish Rugby Union (2015/2016). He was educated at Glasgows University's Business School and Caledonian University.

Peter McGowan

Peter is Managing Director of Electrical Compliance and Safety Ltd., an award-winning service provider, winning the AGSM Electrical Safety Collaboration Award 2017 and Electrical Safety Supplier Support Award 2017. His long business career has been marked by continual success and positive growth. Peter is a keen basketball and British Basketball League fan. He is a shareholder and director of Radison Red Glasgow Rocks (Rocs Basketball Ltd). This is important to him as the Rocks are involved in a number of incredible projects within their local community. In addition he is a proud corporate sponsor of UpsnDowns and the Travers Foundation.

Paul McLeary CNCI ECSE

Paul is 47 years old. He has had a successful and varied career, latterly in senior management and high level technical situations. He is both an exceptional engineer and fully qualified IT and WiFi specialist. He is a lateral thinker who will bring leadership and management skills where needed to the Scotcoin Project.