The Scotcoin Project is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and has at its heart Scotcoin (SCOT) – what is known as a crypto currency.

The Scotcoin Project is about people, the society we share and helping to deliver sustainable and improved quality of life for those in need.

Quite simply we are looking to work with progressive companies based in Scotland who share our vision. Those that do will benefit not just from that improved societal connection, but in a tangible financial context: we have Scotcoin available as a tool to pay for goods and services.

Practically, we are targeting industries with significant issues of over supply or waste.  Goods/services which can be directed towards those in need and deliver tangible help is our key criteria.


We have carried out work with Social Bite – itself a pioneering, mould-breaking organisation. We’d like to work with you if food waste or decomposition is an issue for you. If you feel there might be another area we might explore, we are open to that.


In 2019, Pre-covid, some 216 homeless people died in Scotland. Adequate shelter should be the least expected in a progressive and developed 21st century country. Can you contribute here in an y way – materials, time? If you can we can in turn remunerate you with Scotland’s own crypto currency.


We know that the clothing industry is prone to waste. We can help here redistributing seconds and other unwanted and commercially valueless items and connecting it to those in need within our network. Remunerating you for product that might otherwise go up in smoke.

Let’s fix that together.

We work with groups including:  Social Bite, Eat Up, FARE Scotland, Helpful Hounds, Cerebral Palsy Scotland etc.

Scotcoin is working with various carbon offset projects worldwide to help offset carbon footprints. Scotcoin is also a member of Fintech Scotland (whose focus echoes our own of financial innovation powering greater social equality) and CryptoUK (the trade body for crypto currency in the UK)..