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Money is changing. Scotcoin is the future of money and an innovative way of purchasing goods and services.   Scotcoin is digital cash and gives the people of Scotland an effective alternative to the pound Sterling. Scotcoin is Scotland’s crypto-currency.

Transactions with Scotcoin are fast, secure and cheap.   You will be able to use Scotcoin in the same way that you use pounds and pence. For example you will be able to pay for a meal, buy concert tickets, or to book your next holiday. The underlying technology that powers Scotcoin is known as the Blockchain.

Scotcoin was created by Scots for the people of Scotland to use in any manner they wish. We at The Scotcoin Project have a mission to inform, educate and facilitate the use of Scotcoin and blockchain-related technologies in the interests of Scotland. This will be done by showing how and where to use Scotcoin, by tutorials, by information and by podcasts on the website, and through social media. Our teams will be out meeting people in person, speaking to groups and societies, clubs and businesses, spreading the word about Scotcoin the length and breadth of the country.

To ensure the success of Scotcoin, it is essential that the public have access to the coin and that there are plenty of opportunities to use the coin in normal day to day life. To ensure this happens, the Scotcoin Project will build a robust network of retailers across all business sectors who are ready to accept Scotcoin. People will be able to earn Scotcoin for helping with the project and by promoting Scotcoin throughout Scotland and the world.

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“It’s a new beginning for how we do business in Scotland and beyond”


“Scotcoin has helped me connect with new customers and suppliers. It has allowed me to expand my business and widen my horizons”

Caroline Wylie

“Cryptocurrencies were created to serve a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access”

John WilliamsInvestor

“I bought some beers with Scotcoin in the Arlington Bar!”

Derek McLeanBeer Enthusiast