Scotscan users – those holding an @Scot address – are being urged to use Google Authenticator to ensure an extra layer of security at log-in. The process involves a two-stage verification process which requires not just your password but also a secondary verification code. Your log-in username is your email address. You can add […]

Scotcoin boosts advisory panel with Nikola Kelly appointment

Nikola Kelly

Technology and professional services entrepreneur Nikola Kelly has joined the advisory panel of The Scotcoin Project Community Interest Company (CIC) to support its growth and connections within Scotland’s digital ecosystem.  Nikola has nearly 20 years’ experience within the Scottish tech sector and is currently CEO of Be-IT Group, leading the company to a turnover of £14 million. She completed a management buy-out of its businesses in March 2023, […]


What Is CBDC? Britcoin is destined to be a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. This means, in the simplest terms, that it is a digital currency – which somewhat vaguely in the announcement says may or may not be held on a blockchain – and is expected to be issued in the second half […]

Protecting Your Crypto Assets

There are several measures that users can take to protect their crypto assets from theft or fraud. These measures include: -Using secure wallets. Crypto wallets are an essential tool for storing and transacting with cryptocurrencies, and users should always make sure to use a secure wallet with strong encryption features. -Keeping private keys safe. Private […]

Crypto Misconceptions

Many people believe that cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable and anonymous, but this is far from the truth. While it’s true that most cryptocurrencies provide users with a certain degree of privacy, almost all cryptocurrency transactions are traceable in some way. One of the major misconceptions about cryptocurrencies is that they offer complete anonymity. This is […]

Central Bank Crypto Moves

Central Bank Crypto Moves The year may only be a few months old, but a lot has happened in relatively short order. And, here we are once more in stagflation territory, with central banks – led by the Fed – probably doing the wrong thing at the wrong time again. Why do I say that? […]

Scotcoin and the APPG

Temple Melville, CEO of The Scotcoin Project CIC and David Low were on hand to answer questions about Scotcoin and crypto in general when they met Dr Lisa Cameron, MP in an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) meeting. This is the text from David Low’s speech: Good afternoon, everyone. My name is David Low. Also […]

Scotcoin Carbon Offset Launches

Scotcoin Carbon Offset Launches The Scotcoin Project Community Interest Company (CIC) has launched Scotcoin Carbon Offset, a new carbon initiative allowing individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint and support the drive to net zero.   A unique proposition in the cryptocurrency market, the initiative will encourage Scottish companies and citizens to offset their […]

Scotcoin Announces Sponsorship Of A Series Of Podcasts by The Whisky Sisters.

Scotcoin is sponsoring a series of podcasts by The Whisky Sisters. The Whisky Sisters – Inka Larissa and Jennifer Rose – run their own highly influential and successful podcast series based around the culture and pleasures of Scotland’s national drink. Scotcoin – itself linked to The Scotcoin Project CIC – will act as headline sponsor […]

Dear Treasury Committee

The UK Treasury Committee report on crypto – which recently made headlines for equating cryptocurrency with gambling – is nothing if not trying to be helpful to the status quo and the incumbent monetary system. I can do no better than quote Ian Taylor, board advisor at CryptoUK, who said: “We are both concerned and […]