Is Gold Truly Golden?

ALL that glisters is not gold – while that may be true in general terms, the gold market is currently suggesting otherwise. Gold has reached an inflation-adjusted high, with an extraordinary run since the beginning of the year. According to gold market participants, it’s not state-inspired purchases – which remain at expected levels – but […]

New Regulations For Stablecoins

The UK Government – presumably spurred on by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – has announced it will be bringing forward new regulations in respect of stablecoins (Britcoin, if you must, and others) but also in respect of staking, exchanges, and custody by the middle of the year. Of course, there is in fact already a […]

Scotcoin Podcast: Your Essential Guide

Introducing Scotcoin – The Ethical Crypto Episode 1 Presented by: Temple Melville, CEO of The Scotcoin Project CIC Cryptocurrencies have evolved significantly since Bitcoin’s debut in 2009, growing into a diverse ecosystem of digital currencies that includes projects like Scotcoin, which differentiates itself by emphasizing ethical principles and social good. Despite market volatility and competition, […]

The Bitcoin ‘Halving’ Is Upon Us

ANYONE even vaguely interested in cryptocurrencies must be aware that ‘the halving’ of Bitcoin is imminent. While it may sound like a relatively straightforward technical change, it gets a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts very excited. In essence, every 210,000 blocks the algorithm that controls the release of Bitcoin drops the reward for mining. It happens […]

Scotcoin Moves To New Web3 Platform

SCOTCOIN NEWS: Glasgow, 11th April, 2024: Scotcoin announces has moved to a new web3 platform called Alchemy. The move will further enhance transaction speeds and represents an upgrade on the previous system in terms of scalability, power and reliability. For those new to web3 here’s a brief history: Web1 (Read-Only, 1990-2004): In the early […]

Scotcoin Question Time

Do you have a question about Scotcoin and The Scotcoin Project CIC?  Are there questions / issues you’ve been itching to have answered? Well, now is your chance. Your moment has truly arrived. The floor is fully yours. Your questions might include: When will you list Scotcoin? How does Scotcoin stand out amongst the 000s of cryptos out there? […]

Bitcoin: Where Next For Crypto’s Darling?

THE soaring price of Bitcoin has been the crypto story of the last few weeks. What are we to make of the crash that wiped 12% off its price between Wednesday and Saturday? Was it just traders banking some profit? Or was it something more sinister? There is no doubt there was a lot of […]

Altcoin Season: The Good And The Bad

THE huge rise in the price of Bitcoin has rightly attracted attention over the last few weeks. The world’s dominant cryptocurrency more than trebling in 18 months to briefly reach new all-time highs north of $73,000. It has been a remarkable turnaround after the winter that stretched from 2022 into much of 2023. A lot […]

14,000 Casualties: Long Live Crypto

MOST of the attention directed towards cryptocurrency is given to Bitcoin and Ethereum – which is understandable to a point, given Bitcoin is the OG and represents around 50% of the crypto world’s entire market cap and Ethereum is the second biggest at around 17%. But what of the long list of other projects that have […]

Essential Crypto Updates & Insights

Bitcoin is the 10th most valuable asset class in the world According to the DOJ in America, stablecoins are being used increasingly by money launderers. The US is to start tracking the electricity and emissions from crypto mining operations. 1st rule of crypto – never let anyone – anyone – see your password or passphrase. Write […]