New Partnership Announced For Scotcoin

Scotcoin is delighted to announce it has teamed up with Kin platform – operated by Better Internet Search – where it will now be accepted on the ad-free, community-owned search engine built on Web3 technology and developed in Scotland. Each new sign up to Kin will receive 100 SCOT, in addition to 100 Kin-MPC tokens. […]

Scotcoin Announces Details Of Token Bonuses

For current Scotcoin holders or those looking to acquire their very first Scotcoin we now have preview details of the bonuses. Here are just some of the options that will be available with more to follow. Staking and Yield Farming: Scotcoin holders will be able to stake their Scotcoin tokens using bespoke smart contracts to […]

Scotcoin Launches Motorway Ads Campaign

Scotcoin recently unveiled a new advertising campaign which was unveiled at six key Scottish motorway sites using a mixture of poster and video creatives. Working in association with QPQ Media we set up our screens at Abington, Bothwell, Gretna Green, Hamilton, Kinross and Stirling meaning we were able to reach hundreds of thousands in terms of […]

London Business Journal: Scotcoin Profile With Temple Melville

Scotcoin is a different type of cryptocurrency. It is an ethical crypto with a strong green agenda. Find out more about the crypto redefining crypto. Brian Sloss interviews Temple Melville – CEO of The Scotcoin Project – to find out more. Cryptocurrencies, it seems, are all the rage. They are now never far from the […]

Scotcoin Appoints New Web3 Partner

Scotcoin has appointed Blockraise, the Zurich-based boutique Web3 venture accelerator firm, to support its plans for the next phase of its development. Blockraise will play a key role – similar to a nominated adviser – in making the ethical cryptocurrency accessible to a global audience. Among other areas, the firm will advise Scotcoin on its […]


Scotscan users – those holding an @Scot address – are being urged to use Google Authenticator to ensure an extra layer of security at log-in. The process involves a two-stage verification process which requires not just your password but also a secondary verification code. Your log-in username is your email address. You can add […]

Scotcoin boosts advisory panel with Nikola Kelly appointment

Nikola Kelly

Technology and professional services entrepreneur Nikola Kelly has joined the advisory panel of The Scotcoin Project Community Interest Company (CIC) to support its growth and connections within Scotland’s digital ecosystem.  Nikola has nearly 20 years’ experience within the Scottish tech sector and is currently CEO of Be-IT Group, leading the company to a turnover of £14 million. She completed a management buy-out of its businesses in March 2023, […]


What Is CBDC? Britcoin is destined to be a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. This means, in the simplest terms, that it is a digital currency – which somewhat vaguely in the announcement says may or may not be held on a blockchain – and is expected to be issued in the second half […]

Protecting Your Crypto Assets

There are several measures that users can take to protect their crypto assets from theft or fraud. These measures include: -Using secure wallets. Crypto wallets are an essential tool for storing and transacting with cryptocurrencies, and users should always make sure to use a secure wallet with strong encryption features. -Keeping private keys safe. Private […]

Crypto Misconceptions

Many people believe that cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable and anonymous, but this is far from the truth. While it’s true that most cryptocurrencies provide users with a certain degree of privacy, almost all cryptocurrency transactions are traceable in some way. One of the major misconceptions about cryptocurrencies is that they offer complete anonymity. This is […]