Strathclyde/Glasgow University FinTech Pub Quiz

Students from both the University of Strathclyde and University of Glasgow’s respective FinTech societies have come together in organising a unique FinTech oriented pub quiz. The event will be held on February 12th in Glasgow, open to all Glasgow and Strathclyde students. The quiz aims to take the form of any conventional pub quiz, but with an interesting twists: its structure takes the form of rounds of questions asking participants a range of different questions, including FinTech related topics.

The students involved in organising the event hope that the quiz will garner more student interest than more orthodox events, and by extension spread the knowledge of FinTech to a wider audience. In addition, the students believe that because FinTech is occupying a more central and prevalent role in more than just the financial industry, it is essential to understand and have some knowledge of its existence.

The event is sponsored by Scotcoin, who will provide different quantities of SCOT for the top three teams.

More information will be made available via the societies social media, contact details below:

University of Strathclyde: [email protected]

University of Glasgow: [email protected]

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