loading - 2/3rdsGreat news – we’re working steadily through our list of tasks to deliver a fully permissioned blockchain by the end of the year…

In 2017 we were talking about theoretical concepts in our Proof of Concept stage, this year has been all about making those concepts a reality.  We’re really pleased with the progress and the ground breaking work being done with our partners Cloudsoft.  With any software development process, progress is never linear but working with world class developers at Cloudsoft has proved very fruitful and rapid.

What we have to remember is that some of this stuff has never been done anywhere in the world before – it truly is a world first, being done right here in Scotland.

But we’re now 2/3rds finished!


We’re so near completion that we want to start onboarding new users of the system as soon as possible, that means we need to get you KYC checked as per our current system to prove you are who you say you are.  Please help drive our development forward by purchasing Scotcoin at: