Feel like Grabbing a Pint? Glasgow Pub Starts Accepting Scotcoin

If you recently took our advice to purchase Scotcoin for a much lower price, well you might now be wondering where exactly you can use your cryptocurrency in Scotland, and luckily it is accepted in one of the most important places you’ll be this week, the pub!

As of November 2016, The Arlington in Glasgow is the first pub in the country to accept Scotcoin as an official payment method. You will only be able to use it on their own branded lager called Stone of Destiny, but we are sure most of you won’t be thinking of that as too much of a negative while you are watching the UEFA League Final next week!

Scotcoin users can pay for their beer with Scotcoin in The Arlington from Monday to Thursday every week, and over time we are sure they will expand on this as the digital currency continues to grow. While it is currently too difficult for the pub to accept Scotcoin for everything, their Stone of Destiny has been a great place to start, and hopefully, the pub will start to accept the digital currency for more goods in the future.

We saw during the referendum that the issue of currency was a major factor in the public’s decision making. Will we have our own currency? Will we stick to the pound? Change to the Euro? Well, the great thing about a digital currency like Scotcoin is that it could be the answer to all of these questions. As we have seen in recent weeks, Bitcoin is continuing to grow throughout the world as its buying price rose dramatically, displaying the high demand that this form of currency currently has in our society today. This also means that there is no reason why we should not see a big rise in the value of Scotcoin over the next few years to come.

Having only been established in 2013 by venture capitalist Derek Nisbet, Scotcoin has gone from strength to strength, and proved itself to be anything but a novelty currency, and its use is even predicted to be seen as the norm in Scotland as soon as this year. It was also only reported last September by the New Economic Foundation think tank that a cryptocurrency backed by the Scottish Government would be the best form of currency to use in Scotland, alongside sterling, as this would increase purchasing power, thus substantially improving the economy at the same time.

Scotcoin and Bitcoin are both operated on a not for profit basis and have no direct links with banks or governments, which all traditional currency does. This gives the public the opportunity to take their money back into their own hands, instead of relying on banks to handle it. Which we’re sure everyone would feel much safer about!

We are confident that the more businesses who sign up to accept Scotcoin for their goods, the easier it will become to use your cryptocurrency everywhere in the future, so enquire today and see if your business is a good fit to accept Scotcoin.



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