Essential Crypto Updates & Insights

Bitcoin is the 10th most valuable asset class in the world

According to the DOJ in America, stablecoins are being used increasingly by money launderers.

The US is to start tracking the electricity and emissions from crypto mining operations.

1st rule of crypto – never let anyone – anyone – see your password or passphrase. Write it down and keep it in three secure places

Crypto goes mainstream! An episode of death in Paradise had a story about illegal crypto mining which involved stealing electricity from the St. Marie power station. Interestingly, they made the point the consumption for the periods it was being stolen was more than the island used per day!

With the start of spot Bitcoin ETFs we are now in the Age of Alignment (crypto and Tradfi).

CBDC legislation is being prepared globally. We fully expect the UK to publish regulation within the year.


Despite the profile of Bitcoin ETFs, it does not appear so far that institutions are adopting it. Indeed, the SEC when approving the ETFs specifically has said, it was NOT an endorsement of Bitcoin.

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