New Scotcoin Podcast Series Is Coming

Scotcoin is delighted to announce the launch of the Scotcoin Podcast. The debut issue airs on 13/03 across all major streaming formats.

This new series is presented in six episodes and will greatly add to understanding of cryptocurrency generally with a special focus on the innovation behind Scotcoin.


Guest includes representatives from KPMG, FinTech Scotland, trading network, BBX amongst others.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto expert – or just looking for an overview of what Scotcoin is and does – the series will be essential listening.

 The podcasts are presented by the Scotcoin Project CIC, CEO Temple Melville.

He says of the series:  ’A Scotcoin Podcast has long been on our list of things to do as we seek to share the Scotcoin story. 

The intention behind the Scotcoin podcasts is to shed light on what we do, and how our currency is different with unique functionality and social purpose in-built in tandem illuminated by the stories and observations shared from our eclectic and influential panel. We’ve been lucky enough to be joined by experts in the fields of finance, trade, media, fintech and green business.

 ‘Their insights and perspectives have been invaluable for us at Scotcoin, and each party has contributed to Scotcoin’s maturation.

 ‘We find ourselves living through what is a evolutionary moment in terms of money and finance and we have endeavoured to capture its excitement and urgency as well as the practical way it – and specifically Scotcoin – contributes to a better planet.’

Some issues covered in the podcasts include:

How Crypto can aid the green agenda 

Crypto and commerce

Crypto and taxation 

The running order for the podcasts is: Introduction to Scotcoin with Temple Melville (13/3/24)

John Attridge / BBX (20/3/24)

Mickael Paris / FinTech Scotland (27/3/24) 

KPMG (3/4/24)

Peter Burnett /Leamington Books (10/4/24)

Andrew Smith / Greenbackers (17/4/24)

The series was produced by  highly regarded The Podcast Guys.

If you’d like to know more details about the series mail us direct at [email protected]

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