Calling all Scotcoin holders

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the brief few summer days we had!

I’m looking for your help.

We know that quite a few people had what we call Scotcoin 1 which lasted until it was transferred over onto the Counterparty system and became Scotcoin 2. There were two transfer periods, the last of which was early in 2015.


A few people have contacted us telling us this, and we have told them they are lost and gone forever.

However, as a gesture of good will, we would like anyone who was a Scotcoin 1 holder and didn’t transfer to get in touch with us. We will help you get a new Scotcoin compatible wallet and we’ll even put some Scotcoin into it for you.

If you were interested in Scotcoin when it first came out there are lots of reasons why you should be even MORE interested in it now. We aim to educate and inform anyone interested, especially the Scots. We intend to distribute Scotcoin widely to enable entrepreneurs and small businesses to expand and grow, helping the Scottish economy to help the people of Scotland.

So if you had Scotcoin 1 but don’t have any Scotcoin 2, then remember, we can help and want to help and want to bring you on board as advocates of Scotcoin.

Get in touch on [email protected]

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