Tues 27 March Meet Up Report

Scotcoin vs Bitcoin - proof of concept

Dear Scotcoin friends,

Many thanks to all who attended last night’s meeting in Scone. We had a lively audience who asked relevant and interesting questions.

Our apologies for not streaming the meeting live. Unfortunately, the connectivity from the venue was not good enough on the night to sustain a proper connection.

Here is a summary of the discussions:

  • We have a superb future ahead of us (see graphic)
  • Our key USP is that we will be KYC and AML compliant from day one with our new coin, there will be nothing cryptic about our Digital Currency.
  • As a result being current holders, if you are interested in buying Scotcoin at the moment, please indicate to us BEFORE 15th APRIL as we expect a large uptake.
  • We will have one of the team contact you to make arrangements. We would confirm that holders of Scotcoin now will be well incentivised to migrate at the appropriate time.
  • Our belief is that the Counterparty Protocol Scotcoin will not be attractive to hold once our new coin is issued.
  • We intend that Scotcoin should be a coin not just for Scotland but for the whole world, so therefore access to merchants and outlets is important. So, we’d really like your ideas on where it would be good for you to have Scotcoin accepted and used – just send your nominations with your  Scotcoin requirements as indicated above. Once we have the key sectors and potential partners from you, these will be identified and analysed to secure early adopters where possible.
  • Our technology development partners are, as we explained, continuing to work hard to complete testing on our bespoke blockchain, they are making sure it is ultra secure and reliable prior to launch, with a robust regime of validation.
  • We are also busy developing our ecosystem which is diverse and includes – partners and good causes plus some concepts around innovative use cases.
  • We expect to be consulting Scotcoin holders over the next few months on various matters and may be looking for people willing to help with testing, details to follow…




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