The Scotcoin Project CIC announce verification by Etherscan

The Scotcoin project is pleased to announce that Etherscan has verified Scotcoin, an ERC20 token under the token name of “SCOT”

This is another step forward on the road to a full Exchange listing and will be followed by the engagement of an independent coding auditor. The interview process has already started and it is anticipated an appointment will be made in the current calendar quarter.

Temple Melville, CEO of The Scotcoin Project CIC, said: “ I’m delighted our token has been verified by Etherscan, and as a precursor to a full code audit, it gives our token enhanced credibility and confidence to take the next step on our journey to a full exchange listing”

Brian MacKay, head of security said: “ This will make The Scotcoin v3 ERC-20 token a more trusted asset, appearing on the well-known Etherscan database of tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet.”

We look forward to announcing who will be undertaking the code audit shortly, and thereafter engaging with specialist IEO facilitators, with a view to exchange listing in the second half of the year.

General information:

1.The Scotcoin Project is a Community Interest Company, and focused on helping the Scottish community.

2. Scotcoin is currently one of the top 200 digital currencies in the world.

3. Temple Melville is available for an interview.

4. The new Scotcoin website can be found at:

5. Scotcoin’s social channels are listed below:

Twitter: @ScotcoinProject

Facebook: @scotcoin

Insta: @scotcoin1

YT: Scotcoin Project

LinkedIn: The Scotcoin Project CIC

6. Key contact:

[email protected]

7: Scotcoin is a member of both Fintech Scotland and Cryptouk.

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