Scotcoin and Small Business Growth

We are very proud of our roots as a Scottish currency. As such, we want our digital currency to help the Scottish economy thrive- starting with small businesses. By the end of the 1st quarter of 2016, small business confidence in Scotland had fallen into negative territory. In fact, small business confidence in the UK as a whole had fallen to its lowest level in 3 years. We must do more to support and nurture small businesses in Scotland. It something we firmly believe in and is one of the reasons why we offer a 1million Scotcoin loan to local start-ups. It is our hope that such businesses in Scotland will look to the opportunities presented by Scotcoin to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Small Business Roadblocks

We’ve just passed 1 year since the Our Land campaign which urged Holyrood to be bolder in the face of land reform. One of the major blocks to affordable land in our country is private ownership of land. As a result, problems arise when attempting to provide affordable housing and sourcing premises for small businesses. To mark the occasion, many have resurrected the campaign across social media to call for changes to the tax system. Small business in Scotland must be able to thrive. However, they must be given the tools to do so.

Why Scotcoin?

It was stated in the Q1 Small Business Index that 69% of small businesses admitted to being worried about the domestic economy. In light of Brexit, it is likely that this figure will only have risen. One of the many reasons why we promote Scotcoin is because it offers another solution in times of uncertainty such as these.

By becoming a Scotcoin merchant, you gain a reliable payments solution. You also gain holdings which are unaffected by political factors, such as the event mentioned above. Scotcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency and as such is not held by one central bank. Despite concerns over the volatility of digital currency, it’s fair to say that traditional currencies have not fared much better of late. Business owners need only look at a comparison of Pound sterling exchange rates from the last 6 months to see just how volatile traditional currencies can be.

How do I begin using Scotcoin?

As we mentioned above, start-ups can apply for a 1 million Scotcoin loan to help them get off the ground. By accepting Scotcoin, you can help new entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to providing a less hostile environment for Scottish small businesses.

We have previously written about how easy it is to become a Scotcoin merchant. Check out the blog post to learn how to get started. All you really need is a smartphone. We’re working to create a wallet specific to merchants which we hope to release in the very near future. Its arrival will make it even easier for businesses to become Scotcoin merchants.

Full instructions on how to purchase Scotcoin can also be found in the Getting Started section of our site. Or, if you wish to learn more about blockchain then check out our certified CPD course. We believe that Scotcoin offers Scottish business a viable alternative to the pound, one which can help Scottish businesses grow. However, it must be a collaborative effort. How would you like to join the revolution?

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