Please note that whilst the bonus period for Scotcoin holders has now come to an end, you may still migrate any old Counterparty tokens using the form below.


We have already shared with you how this will happen but in the first instance we need you to fill in this form. If you have not already done so, please consolidate your holdings to one address before completing the form. The quantity held by this address will be the quantity migrated to the specified Ethereum wallet address.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter an address for a Coinbase or any other exchange wallet! They currently do NOT support the Scotcoin contract. Please use either MyEtherWallet, Metamask or a wallet that supports custom ERC-20 token.

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Please include country code if you are outside the UK.

Your wallets

This usually starts with 0x and looks something like this: 0xD8D808fcC7dE92E2f1696BF8B130e3f9984c7529

Please enter only one address. Do NOT enter an address for an exchange wallet.

This usually starts with 1 and looks something like this: 1TqCkVEqCHWJ32FzUR6ocV25HcS9EhKt9k

Please enter only one address.

Please enter the quantity of Scotcoin to migrate.


If you have not, one of our KYC partners will follow up. Please be prepared to provide the usual documentation as required by customers of financial services companies.

Please confirm that you understand The Scotcoin Project will retain your personal details in compliance with the General Data Protectoin Regulation act. This ensures your data is kept safe and your rights are preserved.

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