In The Frame

Glasgow-based PR Frame have been working with Scotcoin since the start of the year.

In that time they have racked up some incredible coverage for Scotcoin including appearances in The Times, The Telegraph, Scotsman, Scotland On Sunday, Insider, The Herald, The National and Yahoo News being just a sample of what they have achieved.

In fact their work has helped Scotcoin reach out to over 50m people worldwide helping to share what Scotcoin is, why it is a unique crypto and of its links to The Scotcoin Project CIC.

Here are links to some of their recent work.

We’ll leave the last word to Frame, shall we? How do they view Scotcoin? Answer: ‘Scotcoin is a purpose-driven project, with an exciting vision for cryptocurrency’s role in Scotland’s future. We’re thrilled to be working with the team to tell that story.’

Thank you, Frame!

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