Bitcoin off the ropes

Just in case you thought Bitcoin had had its day, I’m here to tell you that you are very wrong. Not only is the US Dollar price nudging $5000 once again, but Bitcoin has re-asserted its dominance. It presently stands at over 52% by market value of ALL digital currencies. And that’s with something like 1200 crypto currencies now in existence. Bitcoin itself is standing at over $80 billion in value, and the daily trade is as near as makes no difference $3 billion. That doesn’t look like a “has been” to me.

True, other crypto currencies have suffered of late. Partly, that must be because people have been taking profits elsewhere and reinvesting in Bitcoin. More importantly, the shocks from China are taken care of. In fact, it is beginning to look as if the Chinese may have shot themselves in the foot, as everyone who could has taken their crypto currencies and headed for jurisdictions making less opaque statements. Other countries have been massive beneficiaries of the Chinese “clampdown”. I still believe this has more to do with the Chinese authorities worries about their own currency, rather than an anti-Bitcoin stance per se. And now we hear that maybe – just maybe – the Chinese government might have being doing all this for its own ends. What is absolutely clear is that regulation is coming – and fast.

So how is Scotcoin getting on? We have, of course, taken the position that we will be fully KYC and AML compliant. We have had this stance for well over 18 months, and have endured the slings and arrows of people telling us No, Never Going To Happen. Well our ICO Whitepaper is almost ready which will confirm we are right and will enshrine KYC and AML within Scotcoin V3. We are very shortly going to sign the contract to create Scotcoin V3 with all that that entails. We will be signing up new licencees who will have the authority to use Scotcoin’s Intellectual Property. We will be engaging with partners – Gold, Silver and Bronze – to help us in our objectives. Our new professional Marketing team is talking to all sorts of organisations and businesses, from Hotel groups to cab companies, to bring them onboard. Our Meetup Group goes from strength to strength.

You’ve heard of the proverbial swan – serene above the water, but below the waterline, the feet paddling away like mad. Well, we are a bit like that at the moment, but paddling to good effect. Time to buy Scotcoin is now, so get your’s at:

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