If you’re new to cryptocurrencies then this is a dictionary of terms designed to help you navigate the terminology out there. All the way from ‘Altcoin’ through to ‘Wallet’. Altcoin Any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, literally alternative coin. Bitcoin The original and most prominent example of a cryptocurrency. Blockchain The underlying technology that are the foundation for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency A […]

Scotcoin announces fee-free instant transfers

The Scotcoin Project CIC is pleased to announce the launch of its transaction fee free wallet. Scotwallet.com is now fully operational, and available for all new and existing Scotcoin holders to make use of. The wallet has been developed as a layer 2 application on the Ethereum mainnet. Once within layer 2 all participants are […]

Calling all Counterparty wallet holders

We are trying to track down the owners of the following three Wallets:  19z2g17Udspk2g9CChbrSAySPYsoexmJvF   1CMWUuJGL1hpKB3TEX9kStkqbCDmqhnYgN  17Yj6JhAcYXWwYCNnD89yAPTa1b5jeTwX8 If you own one of these or know who does, please contact me [email protected] and, as the saying goes, you may learn something to your advantage.

Indiesquare wallet

An issue has been brought to our attention in respect of people holding V2 within Indiesquare wallets. Support for Indiesquare ceased some time ago and people have had a problem where although they can access the wallet, their coin is not showing. Go to a laptop or PC and, using Chrome, use this website: https://wallet.counterwallet.io/ […]