The house that Scotcoin built…

Scotcoin is well known for being the first cryptocurrency to conduct a real estate deal in Scotland, but we’re also helping Social Bite build more social housing. Scotcoin’s initiative with Social Bite is helping their innovative social housing roll out. The Social Bite Village is a project that combines an innovative housing model, using vacant […]

Scotcoin – Scotland’s Own Digital Currency, a World Coin With a Scottish Ethos

  – A speech by Temple Melville to Scottish Fintech on Wednesday 19th September 2018   “Good afternoon! I represent Scotcoin, Scotland’s own digital currency, a World Coin with a Scottish Ethos. I have just three things to tell you about today, all of them important. One is potentially profitable for you, one will benefit […]

Keeping Scotcoin Scottish

When Scotcoin was created, our aim was to directly impact and assist those living in Scotland. Whilst digital cryptocurrency  such as Bitcoin has sought to make a huge impact on a global scale, we felt that there were huge opportunities to use this type currency effectively at a local level. In recent years, many people […]