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The Scotcoin Project CIC new ERC20 token is now ready for deployment

Scotcoin migration bonus period closing

I am pleased to say that as the Counterparty servers have now come back up in a stable manner, we have been able to migrate most of the people who were trapped in limbo. If you have not yet done so please send us your V2 coins as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE if you have already sent your V2 or even just sent us your migration form, you are safe for receiving the bonus. If you have already received your ERC20 SCOT, then you do not require to do anything more.

We will hold the bonus period open for a few more days BUT IT WILL CLOSE on 30th. NOVEMBER 2020

Thereafter, you will still be able to migrate from V2 to the new ERC20 SCOT, but without any bonus.

In addition, the offer that was made to SPFL season ticket holders will close on the same day.

Please note that all crypto coins are into an upswing with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge.

Starting in the New Year we will be working towards listing on an exchange, and we will keep all stakeholders informed of progress.

The Scotcoin Project CIC new ERC20 token is now ready for deployment

Scotcoin migration to ERC20 SCOT

I am delighted to report that Counterparty and Freewallet are now running normally after a very large upgrade which has taken more than two weeks.

As a result, we have sent out the quantities of Bitcoin that were ordered to effect the migration to the receiving wallet.

Please now send your V2 Scotcoin to the receiving wallet.


You will still qualify for the bonus as long as you have sent in your form. If you have any questions, please email me [email protected]

SPFL initiative

We will be closing this on November 30th, so if you have not applied yet, please do so as soon as possible. All SCOT will be sent after the closing date.

Microsoft Edge

For anyone who uses the Microsoft Edge web browser the Metamask plug in is now available on the Microsoft app store  https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/metamask/ejbalbakoplchlghecdalmeeeajnimhm?hl=en-US&s=09

Scotcoin partners

If you have a service or product you would like to offer in exchange for Scotcoin, please get in touch. Bear in mind our focus is on the charity sector so anything that can help with that would be particularly welcome. If you have competition you are looking for prizes for, please get in touch.

Counterparty is back up

Counterparty is back up. You can now migrate your V2. We will be sending all BTC orders as soon as possible and as the exchanges will be very busy with new transactions, please just keep trying if you can’t succeed at first.

The Scotcoin Project CIC new ERC20 token is now ready for deployment

If you have not yet been able to send your V2 SCOT to our receiving wallet, do not worry

If you have not yet been able to send your V2 SCOT to our receiving wallet, do not worry. As long as you have sent your registration form in by close of business 31st October 2020, you are covered and will receive the bonus.

The problem is, as some of you may have seen, that Bitcoin has been very active and what is called the Meme pool has become very congested. The situation will correct itself, but in the meantime, please be patient, make sure you have sent in your form and don’t worry – you are covered.

The Scotcoin Project CIC new ERC20 token is now ready for deployment

Identifying the senders of V2 SCOT

We have a number of transactions where we have been unable for a variety of reasons to identify the senders of V2 SCOT.

If you have sent us coin but have not heard back from us please send the following information to [email protected]

1) Your name
2) Number of V2 sent
3) Wallet address from which V2 was sent.

Please be assured we have a note of all V2 received and once verified you will be sent your ERC20 Scotcoin including the bonus.

In the meantime thank you for your continued support.

Migration update

Our migration is going well and we are now nearly two thirds of the way through. 

As from 1st October 2020 we will be increasing our exchange price to the equivalent of £50 per 1000 for our ERC20 Scotcoin. 

Our exchange is at https://exchange.scotcoinproject.com

Scotcoin - Back to the future of 2017

Back to the future of 2017

It has probably escaped a lot of people but the crypto and digital currency market is maturing.

Bitcoin will be heading back over $11,000 and Ethereum will likely hit $400 ( sustainably) in the next few weeks. Lesser mortals too are getting back into their stride. Even XCP has risen over 800% from its low.

Transaction costs are through the roof. I’ve seen Bitcoin miners charging $150 for a fast transaction and Ethereum has reached the unheard of level of $16 in some cases.

Why? The transaction costs reflect the urgency of what people are doing to get into – or out of – the market. We are back to the “blink and you miss it” days of three years ago.

But why the interest in holding crypto? Yes the blockchain does a superb job of transferring value, but why do you want to hold it?

The French have a saying, “ Plus ca change” which roughly translates as “The more things change the more they are the same.” And in the present situation never a truer word was spoken.

I’m referring of course to the macro economic situation where every Government on earth has literally magiced trillions out of thin air. It’s never mentioned how easy it actually is to do this, but believe me the old idea that they have to do something as mundane as to print money on printing presses, or do something esoteric, even if it were ever true, is simply nonsense. Weimar Germany with its barrow loads of Marks has nothing on the sums that are being created at the moment – and would appear to be going to continue being created for the foreseeable future. Bitcoin was born specifically to protect investors against central bank meddling, and continued concerns about how to manage global economies underscore its utility as a hedge against the consequences — inflation, inequality and the erosion of wealth.

Even if taxes are raised to pay for all this (and it would be a very foolish Government that tried to take cash away from people at this juncture) there is going to be the most almighty inflation that has ever been seen. I accept it won’t be like Weimar (Okay it might be) but it is going to make tin-pot dictatorships look positively frugal.

What does inflation mean? It means that everything you buy will cost more. So if a packet of biscuits is £1 today, in a year’s time it might be £1.50. That’s because, despite what Harold Wilson said in 1964, “ the pound in your pocket WILL be effected by the present situation”.

In the simplest terms, if you have £1 today you have £1 in say £5 trillion. In a year’s time it might be £1 in £7trillion. And because there are more GBP floating around there is the classic main-stream economic idea of too much money chasing too few goods.

But crypto currency allows you to row against the tide. Whereas inflation is built into the world fiat monetary system, Crypto currencies are actually marginally DE-flationary. In case you don’t think Governments will let inflation rip, think again. The Chairman of the US Federal reserve has decided that hey 2% inflation is too low. Let’s go for 4%.

Have you any idea what that means? Well 2% inflation means that £1 today is the same as £1.11 or thereby in 5 years. At 4% you need £1.23 . We have been so used to low inflation for so long, we have forgotten that in the late 1970s inflation reached 22% in the UK. 5 years of that would mean you needed £2.70, which is a quite terrifying reality. From 1900 to the present day, £1 would now require around £125. I always like to relate that the “penny post” when introduced was not actually that cheap. It equated to what is now 0.5p, but would be worth about £2.60

Compare that with crypto. If you have 1 bitcoin you will always have 1 bitcoin in 21 million. If you think that means that the Bitcoin price is NOT going up then I can’t help you.

As I have argued before, having some crypto available to you just might be the best decision you ever make. Remember, in any 5 year period, in the past 10 years, having just 1% of your cash in crypto would have had you outperforming every other investment.

Next year is going to be the biggie for currency everywhere, as governments try to decide what they need to do to get back to “normal”. I’m afraid I simply don’t believe that is going to happen and the massive money creation and inflation now coming down the line is going to perform the magic trick of transferring wealth away from the next generation. Buy crypto. And just as a reality check, Apple is now worth about £1.7 trillion. That’s more than the entire UK Stock Market

Don’t forget, Each new dollar reduces the purchasing power of every dollar in existence.

Bounty of 20,000 Scotcoin

I found this piece of wood recently and immediately saw the snake. The problem is it needs a bit of work to turn it into a proper snake, and it would be really nice to find a sculptor/artist/woodcarver who could do it. If it could be mounted on a stand that would be great. So anyone who would like a go, please get in touch at [email protected]

Scotcoin - snake
The Scotcoin Project CIC new ERC20 token is now ready for deployment

How to see your ERC20 SCOT in your Ether wallet

” Please be aware that when you have sent your V2 coins and we have sent your ERC20 SCOT to your Ether wallet, you need to “add token” to your wallet to be able to see them. They will be in the wallet already, and Etherscan.io will show them in your wallet, but for you to be able to see them you need to “add token”

PLEASE CHECK OUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS if you are unsure about this: https://www.youtube.com/c/scotcoinproject