The Missing Man and the Missing Millions

If you haven’t been following this, in a few short bullet points: Crypto exchange has a few problems Owner of exchange “dies” in India Crypto wallets with £105m can’t be accessed “because he was the only person with the password” Wallets get opened. Hey presto! There’s nothing in them Now call me cynical but […]

Welcoming Better Regulation

For the past 2 years, Scotcoin has performed KYC checks on all purchasers via the official exchange. We wholeheartedly welcome better regulation – and are leading the way!   Bitcoin and other digital currencies are a “Wild West industry” and need to be regulated to protect investors, a committee of MPs has urged. | BBC […]

Better Blockchain regulation needed – says former White House Regulator

Former White House financial regulator and Goldman Sachs partner, Gary Gensler, today called for better blockchain regulation.  He suggests that both Ether and Ripple may well have issues surrounding American securities regulations because of the way they have been traded.  Bitcoin remains unaffected but it opens up the debate on more regulation within the cryptocurrency […]

US and UK regulation of Fintech

This is from an article on Cointelegraph by Joshua Althauser The differences he highlights are extremely important, and will assist the UK and Scotland in particular with its charge into Fintech and Blockchain technology, as well as make crypto currencies more mainstream. Based on the policies involving cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies, UK moves to liberalization […]