Back to the future of 2017

It has probably escaped a lot of people but the crypto and digital currency market is maturing. Bitcoin will be heading back over $11,000 and Ethereum will likely hit $400 ( sustainably) in the next few weeks. Lesser mortals too are getting back into their stride. Even XCP has risen over 800% from its low. […]

Scotcoin KYC and AML

The Scotcoin Project CIC (“Scotcoin”) Scotcoin announces that it has terminated its contract to develop a new KYC and AML blockchain solution for the digital currency following a lengthy and difficult period of discovery and consolidation in respect of the contract. However, we are also pleased to announce we are in advanced discussions with a […]

Welcoming Better Regulation

For the past 2 years, Scotcoin has performed KYC checks on all purchasers via the official exchange. We wholeheartedly welcome better regulation – and are leading the way!   Bitcoin and other digital currencies are a “Wild West industry” and need to be regulated to protect investors, a committee of MPs has urged. | BBC […]

Scotcoin – Scotland’s Own Digital Currency, a World Coin With a Scottish Ethos

  – A speech by Temple Melville to Scottish Fintech on Wednesday 19th September 2018   “Good afternoon! I represent Scotcoin, Scotland’s own digital currency, a World Coin with a Scottish Ethos. I have just three things to tell you about today, all of them important. One is potentially profitable for you, one will benefit […]

ICO? Take care…..

A Boston College research paper entitled Digital Tulips has found that fewer than half of all ICO projects survive more than 120 days after the completion of their sales of tokens to the public. That is really scary. And this fact does not seem to be putting people off. Another $10-12 billion of ICOs will […]

Scotcoin In The News

Scotcoin In The News:   The Herald ran an interesting article on Tuesday on blockchains and potential future uses. Click here   Bank of England Governor Mark Carney also name checked Scotcoin when talking about increased regulation for cryptocurrencies – he agrees with us, regulation is coming and it’s a positive thing for the industry. […]

Cryptocurrency FAQs

What is block chain and what is cryptocurrency? Is there a difference? Blockchain is the enabling technology that underpins cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is money based on trust in cryptographic, mathematical proofs.   Why has block chain and cryptocurrency become so popular? Crypto currencies are not inflationary. They are cheaper to transact and do not rely on […]

Bitcoin versus Scotcoin

I’ve been busy recently with all the work going on in respect of our new private blockchain. Bitcoin of course has continued to rise (and may I say, I told you so every time it “crashed” it was going back up). But the rise in Bitcoin has had a profound effect which is now changing […]