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10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas? $10?

bitcoin pizzaI apologise, dear reader, for having missed World Bitcoin Pizza day this year. In case you don’t know, it was May 22nd, 2010, when an extremely fortunate pizza vendor sold two pizzas worth $10, for 10,000 Bitcoins. Even allowing for the recent slide, that’s $34,500,000.

Prices of Bitcoin have – as I said recently – stabilised at a higher level than the recent low, and pretty much in the middle of the high and low. Other Cryptos have yet to regain their levels, but that is probably a good thing for the market as a whole. Volume has returned to more normal levels, as people wait for the August 1st denouement. But it looks pretty OK at the moment – Segwit and BIP 91 appear pretty much locked in, so it’s a bit like the Millenium Bug. Everyone was warned, but in the end not much happened.

That’s very interesting in itself. But continuing with the $10 pizzas, Scotcoin, if you want to buy something for $10, you would only have to spend 2000 SCOT. If you had 10,000 SCOT that would be $50.

Scotcoin is moving to a fully permissioned blockchain that will enhance Scotcoin’s  attractions, reach, useability and scaleability.

Scotland has long been at the forefront of financial innovation. After all the Bank of Scotland preceded the Bank of England…

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