Scotcoin Question Time

Do you have a question about Scotcoin and The Scotcoin Project CIC?  Are there questions / issues you’ve been itching to have answered? Well, now is your chance. Your moment has truly arrived.

The floor is fully yours.

Your questions might include:

When will you list Scotcoin?

How does Scotcoin stand out amongst the 000s of cryptos out there?

Why haven’t you listed before now?

Have you written the White Paper?

What price will you list at?

Have you got the tokenomics settled?

What is the business plan?

Have you any big hitters coming on board?

What’s in it for people who buy now?

Whatever the questions just send it to us and we will put it to David Low – Chairman of Scotcoin’s Advisory Panel.

Mail [email protected] with ‘Podcast’ in the subject line then look out for a very special upcoming Q&A edition Scotcoin Podcast.

We would like your questions by midnight 15 April, 2024 please. We thank you in advance.

We will select the best ones and they will be featured in the Scotcoin Podcast!


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