Scotcoin Moves To New Web3 Platform

SCOTCOIN NEWS: Glasgow, 11th April, 2024: Scotcoin announces has moved to a new web3 platform called Alchemy.

The move will further enhance transaction speeds and represents an upgrade on the previous system in terms of scalability, power and reliability.

For those new to web3 here’s a brief history:

  1. Web1 (Read-Only, 1990-2004):
    • In the early days, the web was static—companies owned static websites, and users had minimal interaction.
    • It was a read-only experience where information flowed from companies to users.
  2. Web2 (Read-Write, 2004-now):
    • Social media platforms emerged, allowing users to create content and engage with each other.
    • Companies provided platforms for read-write interactions, but they controlled much of the web’s traffic and value.
  3. Web3 (Read-Write-Own):
    • Coined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Web3 aims to address trust issues.
    • It uses blockchainscryptocurrencies, and NFTs to empower users with ownership.
    • Core ideas of Web3:
      • Decentralization: No central authority; peer-to-peer transactions.
      • User empowerment: Users own and control their data.
      • Interoperability: New possibilities for innovation and economic models.

In essence, Web3 is about giving power back to individuals, creating a better internet where ownership matters.

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