The Scotcoin Listing: What It Means for The Future of Scotcoin

The listing date for Scotcoin has just been announced via The Scotcoin Podcast.  Speaking on the podcast David Low – Chairman of The Scotcoin Advisory Panel – explained the factors behind the timing of listing as well as addressing a lot of other issues relevant to Scotcoin and the crypto market in general. He told interviewer Darren Parkin from Digital Commonwealth how the decision to target September had been made: ‘Listing is narrowed down to Q3 this year,’ he said. ‘So that’s July, August, September. August is a dead month. July is also a holiday month. So, practically, if you wanted to speculate, we would be talking about September on two exchanges against Tether.’

Of course, listing should not be regarded as an end in itself, but yet another landmark in the steady evolution of Scotcoin that dates back to its original incarnation of 2013.

Temple Melville, CEO of The Scotcoin Project CIC explained why there is much more to do and why listing is in some ways just the start.  He said: ‘I think it is really important for people to realise that that listing is not the end. The whole reason for the listing is to enable The Scotcoin Project CIC to carry out its business plan.

‘That means employing people and even having an office! These things cost fiat money and the listing will enable us to raise the funds we need to do that.

‘If we don’t achieve that – and I’m echoing David Low’s comments from the podcast –  then we will have failed and thrown away all the good work that has  been done to date

‘We have great relationships with everyone we work and engage with, and it is up to TSP to leverage those connections to a higher plane. We are pleased and delighted with our app which enables transaction free and instantaneous transfers.

‘It enables us to operate with our preferred partners in a simple, transparent and secure manner. Tied into that is our new initiative with SMEs who could all do with a boost. Our target value to be delivered to each of them is the equivalent of some £2,500. We have already delivered some of these and the recipients have expressed delight at how it helps them.

‘Moving beyond the listing, I am confident we will deliver more and better help to not only the charities we already help, but to new people and entities who wish to work in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

‘We deliberately chose Ethereum and specifically the ERC20 protocol as their proof of stake system uses hardly any energy at all. It has been said it is the equivalent of a few tumble driers.

‘We will continue to deliver to those in need using Scotcoin – which we rightfully describe as ‘An Ethical Crypto’. We have established with Scotcoin a system where every transaction supports good and does good.’

The Listing Episode of The Scotcoin Podcast can be found on all major streaming platforms including Apple Store, Spotify as well as at:

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