Scotcoin Announces Details Of Token Bonuses

For current Scotcoin holders or those looking to acquire their very first Scotcoin we now have preview details of the bonuses. Here are just some of the options that will be available with more to follow.

Staking and Yield Farming: Scotcoin holders will be able to stake their Scotcoin tokens using bespoke smart contracts to earn rewards. Additionally, they can also join Scotcoin’s Yield Farm programme offering the possibility of further returns.


Loyalty Programme: This is a points based loyalty programme where Scotcoin holders can access benefits and rewards. These can in turn be redeemed for goods and services within the Scotcoin ecosystem.

Rewards Programme: Our way of saying thank you. This is an evolving programme designed to add value and utility for Scotcoin holders.

Trading Competitions: Regular trading competitions on exchanges where top traders – most likely determined by volume – win special prizes.

Furthermore Scotcoin – which is already committed to a maximum release of 20m Scotcoin per annum – will also burn tokens to decrease supply.

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