SPFL Partner Offers

SPFL Partners

TSP is offerIng season ticket holders of all SPFL clubs £100 worth of Scotcoin.

There has been no prior engagement with any SPFL members and TSP will be only approach clubs whose season ticket holders have taken up the offer. TSP wishes to make it clear there is no guarantee that clubs will participate in the offer. If that is the case season ticket holders should be aware that it is anticipated that Scotcoin will be traded on an international exchange in the second half of 2021.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter an address for a Coinbase or any other exchange wallet! They currently do NOT support the Scotcoin contract. Please use either MyEtherWallet, Metamask or a wallet that supports custom ERC-20 tokens.

About You

Please include country code if you are outside the UK.

Please select which club you hold a season ticket for. If you hold multiple season tickets please submit a separate application for each.

Please carefully enter your season ticket number or other identifier as used by your club. This will be used to verify your eligibility.

This usually starts with 0x and looks something like this: 0xD8D808fcC7dE92E2f1696BF8B130e3f9984c7529

Please enter only one address.

Enter your wallet addess exactly as it appears. Do NOT enter an address for an exchange wallet. Any mistakes may not be caught or able to be corrected later!

By checking this box I acknowledge that this offer relates to Scotcoin to be distributed on the Scotcoin side-chain. If I wish to "cash out" my side-chain coins for mainnet Scotcoin in the future, I may be asked to pay the associated gas costs.

Please confirm that you understand The Scotcoin Project will retain your personal details in compliance with the General Data Protectoin Regulation act. This ensures your data is kept safe and your rights are preserved.

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