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XCP Situation

We have had some enquiries about what is happening with Counterparty and its DEX market. All Counterparty Protocol coins have fallen massively because they are all denominated in XCP, which is Counterparty’s own token. Less than a year ago, 1 XCP was around .004 Bitcoin. Now it stands about .00004 ie a fall of 99%. […]

Scotcoin MeetUp – Tuesday 9 July 2019

Did you know? Only 8.5% of cryptocurrency traders are women. Christine Bamford of Women’s Coin joins us to talk about gender issues in FinTech and how they are working with Scotcoin to promote equality of opportunity using digital currencies. More info: https://www.womenscoin.com/ MEETUP DATE: Tuesday 9 July 2019 @ 6pm VENUE: The Avalon, 25 Kent […]

The house that Scotcoin built…

Scotcoin is well known for being the first cryptocurrency to conduct a real estate deal in Scotland, but we’re also helping Social Bite build more social housing. Scotcoin’s initiative with Social Bite is helping their innovative social housing roll out. The Social Bite Village is a project that combines an innovative housing model, using vacant […]

$80m Scotcoin Pizza Auction

About Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating the $80 Million Pizza Order 22 May 2019 is Bitcoin Pizza Day. The date marks the ninth anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction in which a Florida man paid for two pizzas with the cryptocurrency. The day has become part of folklore, not because of the transaction, but more the […]

Poloniex announces it will no longer trade Counterparty XCP

NB: This notice is only for those who hold coins on the Poloniex Exchange and is for information only – it has no effect on Scotcoin directly. Poloniex will stop trading XCP on 17th May. If you have XCP in Poloniex exchange you must remove them from the exchange by 17th June. This is another […]

Meet Up: Avalon 8 May 2019

Our Meet Up to catch up on all things Scotcoin happened on Wed 8 May at the Avalon, Glasgow: Scotcoin Charity Work Tommy Reid from the charity EatUp joined us to explain how Scotcoin is helping them improve life for people in Scotland. In fact that is our mission statement – improve the lives of […]

Scotcoin verified by Blockspot.io

Scotcoin verified by Blockspot.io We’re thrilled to have been verified by https://blockspot.io/coin/scotcoin/. Their mission is to become the most complete Blockchain Data Platform by collating information on as many coins as possible and displaying independently verified material on how the coin is performing.  This allows users to make informed decisions on whether to buy or […]

Scotcoin Meetup – 8 May 2019

Date: Wed 8 May Venue: Avalon, 25 Kent Road, Glasgow G3 7EH Time: 6pm Join us for an update on The Scotcoin Project and cryptocurrency in general. As the cryptocurrency market grows and matures, we see trends emerging showing the best ways of getting wide scale adoption and how blockchain technology is being used. Chat […]