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Where is this?

You can see it from a well-travelled road, the first person to tell us where it is or send us a picture of themselves with the banner gets 5,000 SCOT transferred into their wallet! Entries via [email protected] Please include: Your full name Your wallet address Where the banner is END DATE: When we get a […]

Vintage Firsts

Because of the issues with social distancing, we have had to put the vintage firsts project on hold. So as a taster see below a few of the stories that people shared. There’s a prize of 25,000 Scotcoin for the best new one we receive before the end of May 2020. Best of luck! From […]

Marketing and Finance Podcast

Featuring on Marketing and Finance’s podcast today with Roger Edwards: What you’ll hear about in this podcast episode: A simple guide to crypto-currency The relationship between blockchain and bitcoin How Scotcoin, the crypto-currency with a Scottish ethos, came about Where to buy Scotcoin and use a Scotcoin wallet Which businesses accept the Scottish crypto-currency More […]

Star Trek, Cowboys and Blockchain: Ferengi Rules!

For reasons somewhat beyond me, a friend recently hailed me as “Hello Ferengi!” You may have forgotten but the Ferengi of Star Trek  fame, apart from having misshapen heads, were, shall we say, a little tricky as far as business goes. They had a whole host of rules, promulgated throughout the entire innumerable episodes and […]

Self-employed grants

SCOTLAND’S self-employed workers might have had to wait longer for their Government financial support package announcement, but some have welcomed the deal on the table. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18341532.coronavirus-scotland-self-employed-welcome-grant-deal-show-caution-ahead/

Working from home for the first time?

Amid the Covid-19 Crisis, Scotcoin is operating as normal. In part, this is because we established a virtual team as our preferred way of working years ago. It means we can recruit the best talent, regardless of where they are in the world, and that our team can work from the place that lets them […]

Two actors

Two actors, a boxer, a cyber-security technician, a business administrator, a mechanical engineer and a builder all go into a gym hall. Now you may think this is the start of a joke, but believe me this is not only no joke but one of the best things that has happened to me in quite […]