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October update

Migration I’m delighted to say that the migration to our new ERC20 SCOTCOIN is going well. Our exchange is updated and operational using our new coin and it is available for purchase. In addition, the website has been updated to reflect our new coin. PLEASE REMEMBER the bonus period ends on 31st October. Thereafter you […]

Identifying the senders of V2 SCOT

We have a number of transactions where we have been unable for a variety of reasons to identify the senders of V2 SCOT. If you have sent us coin but have not heard back from us please send the following information to [email protected] 1) Your name2) Number of V2 sent3) Wallet address from which V2 […]

Migration update

Our migration is going well and we are now nearly two thirds of the way through.  As from 1st October 2020 we will be increasing our exchange price to the equivalent of £50 per 1000 for our ERC20 Scotcoin.  Our exchange is at

Indiesquare wallet

An issue has been brought to our attention in respect of people holding V2 within Indiesquare wallets. Support for Indiesquare ceased some time ago and people have had a problem where although they can access the wallet, their coin is not showing. Go to a laptop or PC and, using Chrome, use this website: […]

Back to the future of 2017

It has probably escaped a lot of people but the crypto and digital currency market is maturing. Bitcoin will be heading back over $11,000 and Ethereum will likely hit $400 ( sustainably) in the next few weeks. Lesser mortals too are getting back into their stride. Even XCP has risen over 800% from its low. […]

Bounty of 20,000 Scotcoin

I found this piece of wood recently and immediately saw the snake. The problem is it needs a bit of work to turn it into a proper snake, and it would be really nice to find a sculptor/artist/woodcarver who could do it. If it could be mounted on a stand that would be great. So anyone who […]

Scotcoin market now operational

Now that our new ERC20 Scotcoin is available, our market is up and running. You can go to and buy various items with Scotcoin. I particularly like the Scotland game. Prices include delivery to you as long as the address is within the UK. If you would like to SELL items, or help in […]

How to see your ERC20 SCOT in your Ether wallet

” Please be aware that when you have sent your V2 coins and we have sent your ERC20 SCOT to your Ether wallet, you need to “add token” to your wallet to be able to see them. They will be in the wallet already, and will show them in your wallet, but for you […]

Scotcoin migration

We have now completed the first full month of our migration to our new ERC20 Scotcoin.. Please remember that means you only have TWO MORE MONTHS to 31st October 2020 to register to receive the bonus. We very much want everyone to be eligible for the bonus so would urge anyone who has not yet […]