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Scotland’s First House Purchase with Scotcoin!

A residential apartment in Glasgow has been sold for 10 million Scotcoin. It is believed to be the first time a property in Scotland has changed ownership using a crypto currency to settle the transaction. At the current exchange rate for Scotcoin it is the equivalent price of 60,000 GBP which will be the price […]

10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas? $10?

I apologise, dear reader, for having missed World Bitcoin Pizza day this year. In case you don’t know, it was May 22nd, 2010, when an extremely fortunate pizza vendor sold two pizzas worth $10, for 10,000 Bitcoins. Even allowing for the recent slide, that’s $34,500,000. Prices of Bitcoin have – as I said recently – […]

Blogger: We need YOU!!!

Are you a tech blogger? We are looking to expand our editorial team for Scotcoin Project – and we need YOU!!!  If you have something you’d like to say about cryptocurrency, adoption of digital currency, the way Bitcoin operates, and expansion of Scotcoin, we’d love to hear from you! What to write about? You can […]

Meet Up Dundee

Scotcoin expands into Dundee – meet us there! Little bit of trivia for you: Where (outside of the M8) does Scotcoin get most of its website hits from? Of course, the big financial centres like London or oil/investment town Aberdeen get a mention… But a somewhat more humble hotbed of cryptocurrency is nestling in Silicon […]

Scotcoin Meetups!

Our Meet Up Group, Scotland and Digital Currency, has nearly 200 members… We organise regular meet ups to discuss the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news, as well as helping newbies understand and navigate their way through using Scotcoin – it’s a great way to meet the people behind Scotcoin and pick the brains of our […]

US and UK regulation of Fintech

This is from an article on Cointelegraph by Joshua Althauser The differences he highlights are extremely important, and will assist the UK and Scotland in particular with its charge into Fintech and Blockchain technology, as well as make crypto currencies more mainstream. Based on the policies involving cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies, UK moves to liberalization […]

Crash? What Crash?

The Bitcoin Crash Which Never Was is OVER So guess what? The Bitcoin crash that never was appears to be over short term. There are still issues with Segwit come 1st August and a LOT could still go wrong, but it’s beginning to look as if BTC will climb much higher once this is safely […]

Your Scotcoin is now worth more!

SCOTCOIN INCREASES IN VALUE: Following a hike in the value of Bitcoin, Scotcoin too is enjoying an uplift in value… But how do it actually work?  With respected financial journalists such as Ed Conway of The Times writing headlines such as “Bitcoin could turn capitalism on its head“, economists now predict that cryptocurrency has the […]

Fintech II – a news update

Text of a speech made by Scotcoin Investor, Temple Melville at Fintech II Ladies and gentlemen Daniel Broby very kindly asked me to come and say a few words to do with Scottish Fintech. My name is Temple Melville and I am one of the major investors in the Scotcoin Ecosystem.  Our task is to […]