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Scotcoin – a coin for Europe

Let’s get down to brass tacks – if such things exist anymore. If you want to buy something, you have to PAY for it. If you have to send the money to someone either you have to pay for that “ send” or the seller has to pay for the “receive.” Credit card fees, Moneygram, […]

Sterling Stops at Dover

Sterling stops at Dover. What are we to make of Scotland after Brexit? To listen to many, we will be reduced to vassal status and plunged into a permanent recession, with 16% of our exports immediately cut to zero. And errrr 63% still going to the rest of the UK. Hmmm so four times more […]

$8 billion? A DAY?!

$ 8 billion? A DAY?! It’s no wonder Goldman Sachs is starting to pay attention to Bitcoin and crypto currencies generally. In the past 24 hours the total trading in crypto currencies has topped $8billion and a market cap of  more than $150 billion. That ain’t hay. Compared to the London Stock Exchange daily trade […]

Bitcoin now nearly worth Goldman Sachs

Bitcoin now nearly worth Goldman Sachs Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs, the $90 billion investment banking firm, told its investors and clients that it is becoming more difficult for institutional investors to ignore Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. In a letter to its investors, clients and portfolio managers, JP Morgan analyst Robert D. Boroujerdi wrote: […]

ICO risks

ICO risks (as promulgated by Singapore Monetary Authority) ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) as I’ve been saying are the “Go To” method at the moment for Blockchain and Fintech companies to raise funds for their Ecosystem. Scotcoin was one of the earliest adopters of the view that Crypto Currencies would be regulated, and we have been […]

For Fork’s sake!

For Fork’s Sake !! So the fork has come and gone and not too much seems to be disastrous. It’s early yet of course but as at the time of writing the BTC /USD price is $3450 per Bitcoin. That’s improved around 305% since August 1st. What has particularly struck me recently is the emphasis […]

Crypto collapse?

“What does the collapse in crypto currencies mean? In the last couple of weeks the whole market, including Bitcoin, is down around 30% with Bitcoin itself falling as much as 35% at one point. Some coins are down 50%+. Some recovery has taken place, but the market as a whole has shrunk from over $100billion […]

Scotcoin Exchange price update May

SCOTCOIN EXCHANGE PRICE The on-going strength of the Bitcoin price is leading to a basic adjustment in values right across the crypto-currency world. As we speak, the Bitcoin price has reached $1733 up from around $300 last year. This is approximately £1340 per Bitcoin, well above the price of an ounce of Gold. With this […]

Important notice for Scotcoin holders with Bittrex accounts

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR SCOTCOIN HOLDERS WITH BITTREX ACCOUNTS. As from 18 March 2017 it has no longer been possible to trade Scotcoin on the Bittrex exchange. We understand that holders of Scotcoin with balances on Bittrex have a maximum of 14 days to transfer their balances to their Counterparty wallet. We have spoken to Bittrex […]

Podcast 1 with Willie Fleming

Our first podcast with Willie Fleming, the director of the Scotcoin Project, gives us a little bit of insight into the history of Scotcoin and plans for the future. Access the Scotcoin Podcast directly on iTunes here.