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We are reaching out to all those people who have not so far migrated from the Counterparty protocol to our new ERC20 Ethereum mainnet Scotcoin. 

We are at the one year anniversary of the migration and a meeting of our Advisory board is scheduled for next month and a proposal is on the agenda to end fiat free migrations. Holders of Counterparty Scotcoin tokens who wish to migrate should do so without delay as there is likely to be a fiat charge for any migrations after August. 

Our new SCOT is both Etherscan verified and code audited by Hacken with their highest rating. 

Our plans for an IEO remain unchanged and legal and accounting issues are being addressed and decisions made. 

If you are still holding what we call V2, please get in touch via [email protected]

Anyone who has not yet done so should consider downloading our Scotwallet at New registrants qualify immediately for 100 SCOT. Peer to peer transfers within the wallet are transaction fee-free and instantaneous.