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I am pleased to say that as the Counterparty servers have now come back up in a stable manner, we have been able to migrate most of the people who were trapped in limbo. If you have not yet done so please send us your V2 coins as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE if you have already sent your V2 or even just sent us your migration form, you are safe for receiving the bonus. If you have already received your ERC20 SCOT, then you do not require to do anything more.

We will hold the bonus period open for a few more days BUT IT WILL CLOSE on 30th. NOVEMBER 2020

Thereafter, you will still be able to migrate from V2 to the new ERC20 SCOT, but without any bonus.

In addition, the offer that was made to SPFL season ticket holders will close on the same day.

Please note that all crypto coins are into an upswing with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge.

Starting in the New Year we will be working towards listing on an exchange, and we will keep all stakeholders informed of progress.