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Vintage Firsts

Because of the issues with social distancing, we have had to put the vintage firsts project on hold.

So as a taster see below a few of the stories that people shared. There’s a prize of 25,000 Scotcoin for the best new one we receive before the end of May 2020. Best of luck!

From an Elderly man

I remember going to Jenners in Edinburgh to get my very first long trousers. In those days, boys wore shorts pretty much until they were 12. I remember my mother getting dressed up to take me on the tram. (small laugh/grin) Of course, since then they destroyed all the trams and had to build it all again, end even Jenners is now shutting. I remember the trousers were brown corduroy, and I thought I was absolutely the smartest thing ever. It’s probably why I still wear cords, as they are now known. It was an easy process. I remember I was a little nervous beforehand but the whole experience was simple and easy.

In fact it was very like my experience with Scotcoin. I was a little nervous about downloading a wallet and all the necessities of keeping the pass phrase secure. But once I had done it, I realised that simply following the steps I had been sent by the people at Scotcoin was easy, simple and straightforward. And then, after I sent the wallet address to them, the SCOT appeared in my wallet almost like magic a short while later.

Digital currencies are a great thing for all sorts of reasons – you should join the revolution.

From a middle aged man

I remember my first kiss. I’d fancied Francine for ages and we had begun walking home together. I was just a stupid boy but in my eyes she could do no wrong. She had the obligatory female friend who went everywhere with us and was soooo jealous of me. I spent hours thinking up how I could kiss her, but I first had to get rid of Sarah, her friend. Then one day, Sarah didn’t turn up at school. I asked Francine where she was and was told she’d been kept at home that day. This was it! I was excited but apprehensive and nervous. What if she didn’t like me enough? What if I messed up? After all, I’d never done this before.

We set off after school and my nervousness made me talk too much and too loudly. I remember I was waving my hands about. Francine kept looking at me strangely which only made me more nervous. Just before we turned the corner into her street, she put her hand on my arm and stopped me. Without a word, she swung towards me and kissed me, hard, on my mouth. I was so astonished I just stood there. She pulled back and smiled at me gently, then kissed me again and turned away round the corner. I still just stood there, until she popped her head back round the corner and grinned. “ See you tomorrow.” I walked home on air.

It wasn’t as bad opening a crypto wallet. I read all the instructions and was actually prepared when I did it. The wallet appeared immediately when I clicked on the “Create new wallet” icon. I wrote down the pass phrase as instructed, then clicked into the wallet itself. And there was its address. I just copied and pasted it into a folder, then emailed the wallet address to Scotcoin. A short time later I could see my SCOT in the wallet.

I was nearly as elated as I was after that first kiss with Francine.

Over 40 year old lady

I remember going to my first T in the Park, in Strathclyde Park, just outside Glasgow. It was 1994. My mum drove me and my friend Emma up in the afternoon, and gave us strict instructions we were to leave at midnight and she would pick us up at the spot where she had dropped us off. I think she had no idea what it was all about. We were both just 17 and ready for life! We were excited and elated but a bit nervous too. We’d never done anything like this before and the idea of Festivals was only just getting off the ground.

It was fantastic. The atmosphere was electric (a very overused word nowadays) but we were completely buzzing by the time we left.

Mum had been waiting for us for well over an hour and gave us a hell of row, but it was all worth it.

A bit like setting up my first crypto wallet. I was nervous but I worked through the instructions and wow! There it was. Once those nice people at Scotcoin sent me my SCOT, I could see them in my wallet. I love being a part of the blockchain revolution.

Marketing and Finance Podcast

Featuring on Marketing and Finance’s podcast today with Roger Edwards:

What you’ll hear about in this podcast episode:

  • A simple guide to crypto-currency
  • The relationship between blockchain and bitcoin
  • How Scotcoin, the crypto-currency with a Scottish ethos, came about
  • Where to buy Scotcoin and use a Scotcoin wallet
  • Which businesses accept the Scottish crypto-currency

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Star Trek, Cowboys and Blockchain: Ferengi Rules!

For reasons somewhat beyond me, a friend recently hailed me as “Hello Ferengi!”

You may have forgotten but the Ferengi of Star Trek  fame, apart from having misshapen heads, were, shall we say, a little tricky as far as business goes. They had a whole host of rules, promulgated throughout the entire innumerable episodes and films, some of which make you cringe.

Personally, I particularly like “You can’t free a fish from water” and  “No good deed goes unpunished.”

In amongst these Rules are such gems as “ Never be afraid to mislabel a product”, “Free advice is seldom cheap,” and  “The bigger the smile the sharper the knife.” A little study of the Rules would repay you in many ways – not least recognising people you know, and bringing into focus what you really think of them. I’ve always said everyone knows stuff – but sometimes it needs codified.

Some years ago, when business books were all the rage, I bought:

Star Trek, Cowboys and Blockchain

Star Trek: Make It So: Leadership Lessons from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Now you may think how sad is that, but as in cowboy films, a set of principles are required to win through. The code of the West was derived from common sense and the Bible, and I’m grateful to  (who knew??) for the following:

  1. Live each day with courage.
  2. Take pride in your work.
  3. Always finish what you start.
  4. Do what has to be done.
  5. Be tough, but fair.
  6. When you make a promise, keep it.
  7. Ride for the brand.
  8. Talk less and say more.
  9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
  10. Know where to draw the line.

There is also, of course:

  • When approaching someone from behind, give a loud greeting before you get within shooting range.
  • Never try on another man’s hat.
  • And most important of all, Ya never hit a lady

That last has led to more cowpokes being gunned down than any other. Giving recalcitrant ladies a spanking seems to have been OK though. John Wayne managed it several times and lived to tell the tale. Not to mention getting the gal.

Star Trek, Cowboys and Blockchain

Where am I going with all this? In both outer space and in the Wild West, people had to rely on themselves and no one else. This is particularly true at the moment. So what does Blockchain have to do with that?

The whole point is that the blockchain is demonstrably correct, fair, immutable – and everyone can rely on it absolutely.

I have a feeling the Ferengi would not have liked blockchains. Their rules also state “When there isn’t a rule, make one up” and “A Contract is a contract is a contract – but only between Ferengi”.