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CoinTelegraph had a very interesting article on this very thing – see here:

You probably won’t remember but this is something I spoke about and highlighted some considerable time ago as being a perfect use for crypto in disaster situations. UNICEF has now embraced the idea. In the interview their Program Funding Manager Sunita Grote has given, other unique and extremely important facts are mentioned, notably – and I quote:

  • It lets us tap into a new resource base for UNICEF and expand our network to receive contributions 
  • Blockchain can improve efficiency and transparency by tracking the flow of resources and transactions in a more transparent way. Blockchain makes us more accountable and has the potential to reduce the amount of resources we need to do our work. We’re a $7 billion global organization that conducts a lot of transactions between various parts of our organization, so we are looking to see how blockchain can help us manage and track these in a more efficient way. 
  • We are exploring how blockchain can disrupt and improve systems that deliver programs for children. Blockchain may allow us to make payments in a new way and improve how cash transfers are made. 

The other point she made was that they were not going to just take in crypto and resell it. She specifically rules this out, and also simply handing the crypto to governments in affected areas. The digital currencies, she says, are specifically going to be used as currency within affected areas.

That is an enormous step forward and a real life use of crypto that transcends anything it has been used for before.