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Life has moved on a great deal since those days, and not least because, slowly but surely, people are carrying less and less cash on them. Only a couple of years ago, the Royal Mint didn’t produce ANY 20p pieces or £2 coins. Why? Because the fall in their use had meant they didn’t need any more circulating.

Rockvilla Pizza in the Rockvilla district of Glasgow have decided to go completely cashless. It may sound like a gimmick, but there are good commercial reasons as well. The Rockvilla  area itself has a lot of interesting history see HERE:

Rockvilla Pizza is opening on 23rd July and if you register you can get free pizza!

Free pizza – with Scotcoin!

Typically, what happens in a venue that takes cash?

First thing in the morning you have to check the float. Do you need more change? Nip to the bank where they will charge you 80p per £100. You give and take change all day and (horrors) when you cash up at night it’s short! Then you have to take the money into the bank where they charge you another 80p per £100. And none of that includes the cost of time and the poor person who has to count it all.

So commercially not taking cash saves quite decent sums of money, as well as a lot of time, and in Rockvilla Pizza’s case they intend to reduce the cost of their pizzas.

So not only will they make full use of contactless (which by the way means there is never a cash shortfall and there is a proper record of every transaction) but their intention is to take Crypto Currencies as well.

Oh and there’s one other benefit: Your insurance premium goes down too. No cash, much lower premium. No cash overnight, much lower premium again. And you don’t have to be insured to take cash to the bank either. It’s a beautiful virtuous circle which means your pizza will be the best value ever!

And don’t forget, if you register  before their official opening on 23rd July, you can get free pizza!!

Register HERE :