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What happens when you put money on deposit? Over a period of time, and as long as you leave the money where it is, you will receive some interest. Nowadays of course that interest is what could only be described as piffling.

What happens if you invest in gold? If the price doesn’t change, you are worse off because there are holding costs (vaults, insurance and so on)

Suppose you invest in Bitcoin. Now suppose further that instead of rocketing up as it has done, it remains the same price in USD or GBP terms. You are at least no worse off.

Now suppose, instead of merely being no worse off, Bitcoin paid “interest”. In the same way that putting money on deposit adds to the stock of what you have in cash terms, you would have some extra Bitcoin. And the longer you held, the more you got.

If you’ve been following the Scotcoin Story, you will know we are in the final throes of moving towards a White Paper to transform the Crypto landscape. Part of that revolution will REWARD holders of Scotcoin for holding Scotcoin. Interest by any other name. And early holders will get more than later holders. We are really delighted we have come up with a formula which will reward our longstanding supporters. Have you got yours?

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