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As from 18 March 2017 it has no longer been possible to trade Scotcoin on the Bittrex exchange.

We understand that holders of Scotcoin with balances on Bittrex have a maximum of 14 days to transfer their balances to their Counterparty wallet. We have spoken to Bittrex and it is unclear what happens after 14 days but The Scotcoin Project will be pleased to assist any Scotcoin holder with their transfer should they require it. This notice affects less than 2% of our user base.

Bittrex determines which currencies to list on its exchange and is influenced by the volume of transaction fees associated with the currency. Currencies which attract excessive speculation also attract excessive trading volumes and commissions.  The Scotcoin Project does not wish to be associated with such exchanges, currencies and speculators. We are currently working on our own crypto currency exchange and we hope to be in a position to make an announcement in the coming months.

Holders who are unsure of what action to take should seek professional advice.

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