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Scotcoin moving up

We will very shortly be issuing a series of press releases which will begin to outline our exact plans for the future of Scotcoin. EDITED: NEWS UPDATE HERE   You can buy Scotcoin here: https://exchange.scotcoinproject.com

Promotional graphics

Scotcoin Accepted Here  The Scotcoin Project team is working on getting Scotcoin accepted by a wide variety of vendors – we want retailers to be able to display our logo so you know you can spend your Scotcoin in their shop.  Our marketing team was equally split on the different logos though – so in the true spirit of Scotcoin being a coin for […]

Scotcoin Q and A with Dame Stephanie Shirley

Something a little different for our blog… The Scotcoin team had the great privilege to ask one of the UK’s best loved IT giants some questions. Scotcoin Q&A With Dame Stephanie Shirley At Scotcoin, one third of our holders are women whereas ninety-six percent of bitcoin holders are men. What are your views regarding cryptocurrency […]

Where did half a TRILLION GBP go?

Did you just notice that the ONS says we have half a trillion less foreign exchange than we thought we had? This is not because they have changed the way they count things. This is because it has leached away and because we have mismanaged both our economy and finances for years. If you think […]

Bitcoin off the ropes

Just in case you thought Bitcoin had had its day, I’m here to tell you that you are very wrong. Not only is the US Dollar price nudging $5000 once again, but Bitcoin has re-asserted its dominance. It presently stands at over 52% by market value of ALL digital currencies. And that’s with something like […]

Interest on your Scotcoin holdings

What happens when you put money on deposit? Over a period of time, and as long as you leave the money where it is, you will receive some interest. Nowadays of course that interest is what could only be described as piffling. What happens if you invest in gold? If the price doesn’t change, you […]

Storming higher

Storming higher! Bitcoin has been doing it’s Rocky Marciano impression – yet again – and has climbed over 30% in about 10 days. From a low a bit lower than $3000 (why didn’t I buy? Because I thought it was going lower) to a present price above $4000, this is a great example of the […]

Scotcoin – a coin for Europe

Let’s get down to brass tacks – if such things exist anymore. If you want to buy something, you have to PAY for it. If you have to send the money to someone either you have to pay for that “ send” or the seller has to pay for the “receive.” Credit card fees, Moneygram, […]

Sterling Stops at Dover

Sterling stops at Dover. What are we to make of Scotland after Brexit? To listen to many, we will be reduced to vassal status and plunged into a permanent recession, with 16% of our exports immediately cut to zero. And errrr 63% still going to the rest of the UK. Hmmm so four times more […]

$8 billion? A DAY?!

$ 8 billion? A DAY?! It’s no wonder Goldman Sachs is starting to pay attention to Bitcoin and crypto currencies generally. In the past 24 hours the total trading in crypto currencies has topped $8billion and a market cap of  more than $150 billion. That ain’t hay. Compared to the London Stock Exchange daily trade […]